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What we do

Basil Data’s support is curated to measure and optimize your specific impact. Our goal is to get you started and comfortable with using data to understand and maximize the positive outcomes for your stakeholders. In order for you to focus on making a difference in your community, you need a partner that can help prove your efforts are fruitful. Basil Data is that partner.


Designed to maximize engagement and learning, our workshops can serve as an introduction or accelerant in the use of impact data for positive change. Learn from other social enterprise and nonprofit leaders while creating the impact metrics for your theory of change. 

Understanding the impact of your funding and support is key to increasing the capacity of your portfolio. We will work with your team to create the best data strategy for your funding theses and impact objectives.  Our goal is for you to maximize your investment or donation without burdening the social enterprises you support. ​


Ensuring  the right data is collected and managing it appropriately are the keys to ongoing impact. We use our data expertise to implement the most appropriate metrics to monitor your progress. Resources, timeline and future maintenance are all considered in order to successfully measure your impact now and as you continue to grow.

Communicating and Reporting Impact

The best way to tell your impact story is to start with a clear understanding of the problem. You are the experts in the problem space. We will help you extract pertinent information and effectively communicate your impact opportunity.

Learn more or login to the Impact Opportunity Platform 

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