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Impact Opportunity Profile

Basil Data’s Impact Opportunity Report provides a method for social enterprises to communicate their target impact objectives and impact opportunity alongside their business model and opporunity for growth.

How it works

Quick and seamless registration process that takes you straight to your Impact Opportunity Profile main hub!

Get started by filling out each section of your report by responding to the prompts in each tab! Descriptions and explanations of sections and certain questions are given, however if further detail is required don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sit back and wait for your customized Impact Opportunity report to be generated!Easy, Effortless, Impactful! 

  "The goal of this tool is to make it as easy as possible to communicate impact opportunity to investors and other external stakeholders, in turn, eliminating some of the hurdles around understanding impact at the earliest stages”

– Jeff (Basil Data Founder)

What you get
  • Prepare yourself to adapt to the changing business landscape by complimenting traditional pitchdecks with more purposeful and sought after impact information.

  • See your internal operations through new lens, highlighting areas of strength and working to improve areas of weakness.

  • Summarize and track progress towards your internal goals while positioning your organization for success from multiple angles!

Why now?

Tackling the worlds most pressing problems will require significant investment in meaningful innovation. We are witnessing exponential growth social financing from ESG funds to Venture Philanthropy. Let’s make sure the ideas and organizations doing the most good are part of this growing trend.


Maximize your opportunity to succeed by connecting and collaborating with like-minded organizations and funders. Communicate your impact data in a way that resonates with impact investors.

Diversity and Equity

Provide insight into the diversity of your team and the initiatives that make your social enterprise unique.


Transparency is of particular importance, and in this report curated by Basil Data, it does not go unattended to. Transparency is key, when it comes to communicating impact results and performance and helps to tackle problems surrounding impact washing.


Your Impact Opportunity Profile encourages consistent improvement of not only your business metrics but also the positive outputs for your beneficiaries.

Register to create your company profile and Impact Opportunity Report here.