Better Data. Brighter Future.

At Basil Data we help you collect, communicate, and improve your social impact metrics to maximize positive outcomes.

We partner with social enterprises, impact investors, and foundations to establish better impact measurement strategies by using the most appropriate data to advance your mission.

We are driven by data and inspired by change.



We’re here to learn about your specific mission and the unique story driving the organization. By combining the passion and the expertise from your organization with our data-driven framework for impact measurement, we can enhance the outcomes for all beneficiaries.



We are transparent about what it takes to help your organization grow its impact. The sustainability and social value conversation is broad and nuanced. Measurement can be daunting. We want to contribute our expertise to get you started while also ensuring consistent  improvement while you grow. 


Impact Growth

Ultimately, our goal is to maximize positive impact for your beneficiaries. When it comes to funding, data strategy or project selection, we strive to funnel resources toward those making good practices into best practices. 

Curious about us? We’re curious about you. 

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